Winter 2008


Breakfast and dinner service will be going on during the winter season.

Accomodation included breakfast and dinner price per one person per night
22 YTL.
If you stay more than 2 nights or you are a group you will have %10 discount.

No daily boat services like summer season.Please call for the private boat.We will pick you up from Ölüdeniz.

Price up to 4 people 30 YTl.
+ 10 YTL. per person

Contact number : 0 555 693 63 48

Live dance performance

İlyas Odman was in the valley for his extra ordinary performance called "Glass Man". Hopefully
he will be back about august :)

Musicians are wellcome

Great opportunity for the musicians... Bring your instruments and show us live performance then you can have up to %100 discounts...

PS: for percussionist, this deal is limited or up to the performance...

for info call 90 555 6320237

Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi classes began recently. Our wonderful instructor Mr. Esat ATAÇ is teaching Tai Chi every evening at the beach with the view of an incredible sunset accompanied by the butterfly energy!

School project and workshops

What we did during 2008 summer
workshops and teachers

Esat Ataç
Tai Chi

Lucia Latypova

Jacob Doyle
Global economy, religions and microeconomy workshops
İlyas Odman
Modern dance - July

Alper Akcay
Therapy of meditative motions - August

Aysın Albayrak
Shiatsu and yoga - August

Volunteers on the Field...

As you know (or you have just found out), most of the produce used in the meals cooked in the Valley are either grown organically or grow naturally here.
the work that needs to be done in the fields are much easier and a lot more fun with the volunteers.. The volunteering system allows people to have a more affordable vacation by working in the valley. Moreover, the urban kids can benefit from the healing effects of the valley for the body, mind, and spirit

We have a 30 yearz old "brand new" tractor

Life is hard! Specially if you are bringing something to the Valley. If this thing is a huge Tractor, even harder. Photo story of a this:

Click on the image to see the tractor on the boat!

Welcome home Tractor!

Paposh, the parrot has a girlfriend now

From now on, Paposh is not alone. All in love :)

Click on the photos for larger images.

This year in valley

Click on the photos for larger images.

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Butterfly Valley Management is the only management within Valley vicinity. It is in charge of all transportation and accommodation in the Butterfly Valley. The facilities are fully operational between 1st of March and 1st of November. Management is liable for taking the necessary measures and executing the projects needed to preserve the natural life. Therefore, all guests and visitors in the Valley are responsible of notifying the management.

There is an accommodation package that applies to all visitors (except daily visitors). It includes open-buffet breakfast and dinner; optional stay in a tent, dorm or bungalow; bedding, sheets and blankets.

There is no discount for visitors with own tents and/ or equipment.


Butterfly Valley is on an area of 100,000 squaremeters with the capacity of holding 500 guests in a day. We do not take reservations for tents or bungalows.

Butterfly Valley is one of the best internationally recognized camping sites in Turkey with various accommodation options.

Accommodation Options


50 cm.s above ground, various widths and heights, portable and dismountable wooden semi-open or 5 fully closed bungalows, on soil ground.


We provide 2-person tents (dome) and 4-person large-tents (limited). They can be placed either on soil ground or the beach, Also we provide tee-pees (as above picture) for 2 or 3 people. Guests are welcome to bring their own tents and/ or equipment; but tent places are not for rent.


With an open or covered ceiling, ideal for groups of 2 to 10 people

Accommodation Prices

March Lodging in tent/ dorm/ bungalow 10 liras/ 5 €uros /4 £ person

(not including breakfast or dinner)

April/May and October
including ecological and natural open-buffet breakfast and dinner and lodging in tent/ dorm/ bungalow

30 liras/ 15 €uros / 13
£ person



including ecological and natural open-buffet breakfast and dinner

Bungalows: 42 liras/
22 €uros /17
£ person

Tents / Dorms: 34 liras/
17 €uros / 14
£ person

Important: Prices depend on daily currencies. Prices given above are approximate values.

There is a 10% discount for students with student IDs, for tent or dorm lodgings. Guests under age 7 are not charged.


In the Butterfly Valley, electricity and water are provided not by the Government, but by the Management. The is electrici power is provided 3 times in a day. Hot water is provided by solar energy panels. There is a battery-charging services for electrical devices. There is electricity until 2 a.m. So, guests will need candles, flashlights or torches. The Valley is under the GSM cell-phone coverage area. The satellite internet connection project is under progress.

Restaurant / Bar :

Restaurant/ Snack Bar: With a capacity of 200 guests, serving open-buffet breakfast and dinner (included in the price) and hot, cold and alcoholic beverages all day long.

For lunch Restoran/ Snack Bar offers grilled food, limited-menu meals, sandwiches, toast, burgers, omelettes, pasta, french fries...

Fisherman's Shelter: Serves sea-food, salads and alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages.

In daytime, Stone House serves ecological
food and beverages (cake, pies, tea, coffee...)

Rock Bar is open during nights.

There is no open kitchen or fridge for campers.

Showers / Bathrooms:

There are open and closed showers and bathrooms for common use. There are no washing machines; but in open showers, cloth washing material is supplied.

Other Services

-safe lockers

-battery-charging area

-first-aid unit


-souvenir shop

-fresh juice stand


-credit-card/ pos machine

-currency exchange