Tai Chi

Tai Chi
Tai Chi classes began recently. Our wonderful instructor Mr. Esat ATAÇ is teaching Tai Chi every evening at the beach with the view of an incredible sunset accompanied by the butterfly energy!

School project and workshops

What we did during 2008 summer
workshops and teachers

Esat Ataç
Tai Chi

Lucia Latypova

Jacob Doyle
Global economy, religions and microeconomy workshops
İlyas Odman
Modern dance - July

Alper Akcay
Therapy of meditative motions - August

Aysın Albayrak
Shiatsu and yoga - August

Volunteers on the Field...

As you know (or you have just found out), most of the produce used in the meals cooked in the Valley are either grown organically or grow naturally here.
the work that needs to be done in the fields are much easier and a lot more fun with the volunteers.. The volunteering system allows people to have a more affordable vacation by working in the valley. Moreover, the urban kids can benefit from the healing effects of the valley for the body, mind, and spirit