We have a 30 yearz old "brand new" tractor

Life is hard! Specially if you are bringing something to the Valley. If this thing is a huge Tractor, even harder. Photo story of a this:

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Welcome home Tractor!

Paposh, the parrot has a girlfriend now

From now on, Paposh is not alone. All in love :)

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This year in valley

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Butterfly Valley Management is the only management within Valley vicinity. It is in charge of all transportation and accommodation in the Butterfly Valley. The facilities are fully operational between 1st of March and 1st of November. Management is liable for taking the necessary measures and executing the projects needed to preserve the natural life. Therefore, all guests and visitors in the Valley are responsible of notifying the management.

There is an accommodation package that applies to all visitors (except daily visitors). It includes open-buffet breakfast and dinner; optional stay in a tent, dorm or bungalow; bedding, sheets and blankets.

There is no discount for visitors with own tents and/ or equipment.


Butterfly Valley is on an area of 100,000 squaremeters with the capacity of holding 500 guests in a day. We do not take reservations for tents or bungalows.

Butterfly Valley is one of the best internationally recognized camping sites in Turkey with various accommodation options.

Accommodation Options


50 cm.s above ground, various widths and heights, portable and dismountable wooden semi-open or 5 fully closed bungalows, on soil ground.


We provide 2-person tents (dome) and 4-person large-tents (limited). They can be placed either on soil ground or the beach, Also we provide tee-pees (as above picture) for 2 or 3 people. Guests are welcome to bring their own tents and/ or equipment; but tent places are not for rent.


With an open or covered ceiling, ideal for groups of 2 to 10 people

Accommodation Prices

March Lodging in tent/ dorm/ bungalow 10 liras/ 5 €uros /4 £ person

(not including breakfast or dinner)

April/May and October
including ecological and natural open-buffet breakfast and dinner and lodging in tent/ dorm/ bungalow

30 liras/ 15 €uros / 13
£ person



including ecological and natural open-buffet breakfast and dinner

Bungalows: 42 liras/
22 €uros /17
£ person

Tents / Dorms: 34 liras/
17 €uros / 14
£ person

Important: Prices depend on daily currencies. Prices given above are approximate values.

There is a 10% discount for students with student IDs, for tent or dorm lodgings. Guests under age 7 are not charged.


In the Butterfly Valley, electricity and water are provided not by the Government, but by the Management. The is electrici power is provided 3 times in a day. Hot water is provided by solar energy panels. There is a battery-charging services for electrical devices. There is electricity until 2 a.m. So, guests will need candles, flashlights or torches. The Valley is under the GSM cell-phone coverage area. The satellite internet connection project is under progress.

Restaurant / Bar :

Restaurant/ Snack Bar: With a capacity of 200 guests, serving open-buffet breakfast and dinner (included in the price) and hot, cold and alcoholic beverages all day long.

For lunch Restoran/ Snack Bar offers grilled food, limited-menu meals, sandwiches, toast, burgers, omelettes, pasta, french fries...

Fisherman's Shelter: Serves sea-food, salads and alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages.

In daytime, Stone House serves ecological
food and beverages (cake, pies, tea, coffee...)

Rock Bar is open during nights.

There is no open kitchen or fridge for campers.

Showers / Bathrooms:

There are open and closed showers and bathrooms for common use. There are no washing machines; but in open showers, cloth washing material is supplied.

Other Services

-safe lockers

-battery-charging area

-first-aid unit


-souvenir shop

-fresh juice stand


-credit-card/ pos machine

-currency exchange

Transport - Contact Us

Butterfly Valley is located in one of the most famous place for foreign and domestic tourists near
Fethiye , called Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) .
By boat ride, Valley is 20 minutes away from Ölüdeniz.

How to get to Fethiye?
By Air: The nearest airport is in Dalaman , 50 kilometers away from Fethiye. There are domestic and international flights from cities in Turkey and Europe, year long. There are shuttles and buses from Dalaman to Fethiye Centrum. Antalya the most famous touristic city with International Antalya Airport is 199 kilometers from Fethiye. There are buses going both ways, almost in every hour. Once you arrive in Fethiye Bus Terminal, you can take shuttles, buses or taxi cabs to Ölüdeniz. Butterfly Valley Service Boat awaits you at the marvelous beach! Boat makes 3 round-trips daily. If you miss the boat, there is a speed-boat which can pick you up; but it has to be arranged and there is an extra fee!

By Bus: There are buses to Fethiye and Muğla, from almost every city in Turkey. Once you arrive in Fethiye Bus Terminal, repeat the step stated above.

By Train:
The final destination of a cool train trip through Anatolia is Denizli , which is 217 kilometers from Fethiye. The bus terminal is near the train station and there are hourly buses to Fethiye. The mountain road is very refreshing, with breath-taking views.

Butterfly Valley Service Boat Hours

From Ölüdeniz to Butterfly Valley







From Butterfly Valley to Ölüdeniz







*Valid only 1.June till 7.September and holidays.

Service and speed-boat fee is not included in the price.
Round-trip service boat fee is 15 liras per person.

Trekking :

There is another pathway that requires a climb-down from Faralya Village. It is on the 500 meters high, steep and rocky Valley wall. This path is high, narrow and dangerous, with rope climbing tracks, especially during rain season and nights.

Contact Info

e-mail :
+90 252 - 614 26 19

Butterfly Valley Office:

+90 555 - 632 02 37 /+90 539 458 7321

Other Contact Numbers:

+90 532 300 11 21


Waterfall: If you take the track, which divides the Valley into two, you will reach the Waterfall, sheltering 35 different types of butterflies. Surrounded by greenery, you will experience walls getting closer and closer as you proceed and sunlight slowly fading. There is the waterfall where two valley walls meet and create incredible stone structures. As you take each step, the flowing sound of the waterfall becomes stronger and amazes you. Talking loudly and making high level of noise can harm the butterflies. it is fatal to climb up the waterfall without a guide.

Stone House: Stone House, located on waterfall and village track, is one of the two stone structures in the valley and is like an oasis for guests. Since various lessons and seminars are held in the house, it is considered as the center of the Butterfly School. During the day, you can relax under the trees and taste home-made cooking and watch the breathtaking sunset. At nights you can see the selected movies on the big curtain or you can have a fun time at parties around the bonfire.

Rock Bar: This bar is like no other bar you have ever seen! Rock Bar, located on the left terrace of the beach, can be reached by taking the stairs carved in rocks. Nights are full of fun and romance under the stars and moonlight. Performers and musicians from all over the world, perform by the bonfire. Get ready for a new surprise each and every night at the Rock Bar! (opens in June)

Fisherman's Shelter: This restaurant located at the end of the beach, serves sea-food caught, prepared and cooked by local fishermen. Besides sea food, alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages are served all day long. Open after May, the Fisherman's Shelter will provide water for yachts.

Diving School: The Diving School has been an awesome opportunity for diving enthusiasts, for almost ten years. You can be trained, make discovery or open-water dives and see the stone structures and Mediterranean underwater life.Open after June, we expect all underwater lovers to Butterfly Valley!

Restaurant/ Cafe: Restaurant is where breakfast and dinner is served and a snack bar has been added to cafe this year. It is going to be one of the places where you will be spending most of your time. There are meals and drinks for every taste and you can spend a peaceful time under the shadow, sleep on the hammocks or rest in gazebos. In the evenings, you can have fun and listen to music with the other guests. Open after 20th of April.

Juice Stand/ Mini-market: Serves the refreshing juices made of ecological and fresh fruits. There is also a mini-market for your daily needs.

For Daily visitors and Yachts: Daily visitors and yachts can also use the facilities in the Valley. Waterfall entrance has a fee for daily visitors. Please be careful and follow the rules concerning the cleanness of the Valley, beach and the sea.

Brief History

Some ruins of the Lycian settlement called Perdicia, dating back to the fourth century BC, are located just above the Canyon of the Butterfly Valley, and the village named Faralya, which is reminiscent of the ancient times. Presently the village is officially called Uzunyurt. The culture of gardening on terraces built on slopes by the Byzanthian and subsequent Greek settlers in the area was adopted by the Turkish immigrants and is still mainted in our day.
As the valley didn't have any visitors until 1960s, the church on the main street and a few other buildings could be viewed by the villages located above. The citrus fruits of huge dimensions, the fig, mastic, carob, mulberry and other trees typical to the Mediterranean climate, and the huge watermelons which could not be carried by one person alone, grown in the valley are still recalled. The elderly villagers (some of whom may have passed away) recall the mysterious lady named Despina who lived in the valley in their youth, and who climbed up the walls of the canyon carrying heavy bags on her back for the purpose of battering in the villages. Despina was the lady of the one-room house with a fire-place, presently used by the camping operators in the valley. She used to sit on the rock along the shore, watching the sun-set while thinking of her relatives who left their homes during the exchange, or her boy friend who set sail and never returned. Then, one day she suddenly disappeared, and not even her body could be found.

Between 1965-1970, E.E., an agricultural engineer, cut down the huge citrus fruit trees which the villagers described as "thick as a man's waist". These trees were the last representative of traditional gardening culture. Doubtless he intended to replace them with fast-growing, productive types more suitable for industrial agriculture. He had irrigation basis and cement pipes built for this purpose. In those days, Ölüdeniz could be reached only by a tractor. Therefore the farm in the valley was not looked after properly. Thus, only a "ruinous garden" was left behind, devastated by avarice.

Later, a local lawyer Hasan Deniz Bayramoğlu was greatly impressed by the presence of the butterflies living in the valley, locally called "Güdürümsu", and renamed the place "The Butterfly Valley". He set up a camping site and a restaurant in the valley. His intentions were not commercial and directed to tourism. Together with a group of nature-lovers, Hasan Deniz Bayramoğlu and Nezih Topuzlu got organized to protect the valley --the home of Butterflies—its, fauna and flora. Through a concentrated campaign, the group was soon able to attain the attention of the public. They wanted more than the protection of the region by prohibition of constructions. The aim was to establish a center of activities named as active protection areas (comprised of various ideas and moves in harmony with the natural structure)

As years went by, the valley became renowned and was exposed to detrimental effects of mass tourism. However, the protection fight and efforts still continue.


We are each of us butterflies with only one wing… and can fly only by embracing each other.

One truly amazing place… 2 days turned into 9 weeks and I will definitely be returning again and again.

Brothers and sisters, thank you all so much for the amazing memories and sharing your energy. You will all be in my heart and I will take away a chunk of butterfly love with me.

Rockon at the rock bar you crazy butterflies.


Daisy xxx

We came for one day but it is not the last. Your place is so awesome! We are definitely coming back.

You are all the luckiest people on the earth. J

Sarah& Mike

Hey Güntekin,
If you are reading this then your mission was successful.
I had planned to make a treasure map but I couldn't be bothered, it is difficult to do much here as you know.
See you back in London.
Michael 16.07.06
What is this "valley"?
The valley is a place
The valley is a state of mind.
My first time in Butterfly Valley, and surely not the last time I'll visit this place of magic.
When your life has become a HELL by cause of the pollution, war and bad people, Butterfly Valley gives you the opportunity to be reborn in a new world full of nature, peace, relaxation and nice people.
The Valley really comes alive after the tourists have left. And after the beautiful sunset, thousands of bright-shining stars start to settle in the clear sky above the wonderful valley. The people start getting in the mood and after the first loud dance tune is played at the ROCK BAR, everyone moves to there to have a sparkling night full of dancing, laughing and delicious cocktails.
Leaving the valley will be a hard thing to do. But after nearly 2 weeks my time has come to take the plane back to Belgium.
I really loved to be here and I'll miss the valley, but coming back next year is the number 1 on my "to do" list !
Michael (Antwerp,Belgium)
3 August 2006

Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley is one of the most unique and extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean Region, where countless natural wonders are hidden...

In Fethiye, Öludeniz Region; lying in the foothills of Baba Mountain -nominated to be preserved as world heritage because of the endemic species it shelters-; The Butterfly Valley attracts and amazes the travellers, artists and nature lovers from all over the world, with its genuine geographical structure, fauna, flora, natural treasures, and organic farming. Valley can only be reached by sea and construction within the Valley is prohibited by law. This renders the preservation of the virgin territory possible, to an extent. Butterfly Valley draws the attention of not only domestic and international tourists, but also the national and international environmental and ecological organizations and scientists.

Thousands of butterflies are the residents and the waterfall flowing down the Baba Mountain is the source of this precious habitat. The beach is considered as one of the best bays in Mediterranean Region with its sand and turquoise sea.

If what you are looking for is beyond an ordinary vacation; if you wish to be in harmony with the nature, to rest and revive your body and spirit, the Valley offers her guests a healthy, peaceful, harmonious place to stay, and mental and physical activities, seminars, lessons, workshops and ecological nutrition. Butterfly Valley calls you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Please take a look at the photos and the testimonials by the visitors!

A getaway' is least likely to describe the Butterfly Valley.

The rough sea, which sometimes makes it impossible to reach the valley and the high cliffs isolate it from the rest of the world, The Butterfly Valley is the meeting point for artists, travellers and nature lovers from all over the world.

As you walk into the Valley, you get away from the sounds of waves and start hearing the waterfall flowing down. The creek wants to reach the sea; but usually disappears into the earth... You are now in the canyon of butterflies, surrounded by high cliffs and you cannot see the peaks without forcing your neck.

But the Valley offers more than its authentic geographical structure.

For the guests, this is the place for vacation, recreation, relaxation or simply a break from the city life.

The amazing and provocative beauty of the Valley, has inspired a project to Valley lovers, which it has been waiting for.

The purposes and summary of this project are stated below:

-The authentic structure of the Valley can serve as a lab and a research area, especially for botanists and entomologists. It has a lot to teach us.

-This modern world that humanity has established with intellect and skills, has developed against nature. Modern people have been estranged; have forgotten the roots buried deep in nature; have feared it and struggled with it and finally have been maladjusted. We want to get together to discuss and find ways to live in harmony with this organism, which created us; we want to figure out some ways and practice these to reconnect with the nature and thus ourselves. This is our purpose.

One will regain the health and peace in body-mind and soul. One will feel the moment and its existence. One will overcome its fears and anxieties. One will know one's self. We will be practicing the ancient teachings, such as shamanism, zen and soufism and try to apply these through art, philosophy, healing and self developement.

Some call it "Butterfly School Project". Cocoons will break and butterflies will fly. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is an inspiration for transpersonal development and transcendence.

If you want to experience this transformation, let's meet here, in the Butterfly Valley.

Butterfly Valley School Project

The main mission of the Butterfly Valley Management is the preservation and upkeep of the Butterfly Valley throughout the year. Following the principles stated in "Living in Harmony and Respecting the Nature Project", the management also focuses on the issues of clean energy, recycling and decontamination/ purification, with utmost care and enthusiasm.

We do our best not to exploit what nature offers us and try to replace what we took from it. With the motto of raising consciousness, a school was constituted in the Valley. During the season, Turkish and foreign trainers, artists and teachers will hold lessons, workshops and seminars about self-development, yoga, sufism, eastern philosophy, alternative healing and therapies, and Tai-Chi in "Butterfly School".

2009 school project workshops

Hatha Yoga Workshop with Petek Hoeck
Date: 20-25 July
Price: 500 TL. (including accomodation and food-lunch is ekstra)
Participation is limited with 20 people
Last date for registiration: 25 May
Daily Program :
9:00-12:00 Yoga practice (asana,breath,meditation)
16:00-17:00 Restorative yoga and discussion
Contact number : 0 538 799 55 05


Started dancing in 1998 with METU Dance Thater and, since than worked with important national and foreign dancers and instructors. He created movements and groups and worked as a curator in KargART.
Mr. Odman has given lectures and classes in various universities and colleges inTurkey. His last symposium called "Misuse of Body".was held at University of Torino, Italy.


In Valley, Lucia has been teaching yoga class since August 2006. She lives in Hungary with her husband and son. She is of Tatar origin. With her unique energy and kindness, she already became an important figure and has made very solid contribution to the Valley.


Although Nazim Hodo has alwyas wanted to be a healer, he graduated in Austria as a tourism expert. He started practicing Rei-ki in 1996 and became a master in 1998. Then he travelled to USA, Canada and India and practiced breathing techniques.


A communication professor in Hungary, Jacob Doyle will hold a seminars on comperative religion, world trade, business and microeconomics. The seminar will be held in English between dates June 23rd and August 1st.




and some other spontaneus clases and music nights...