Manifesto 11/04/2010

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All day long program starts at 10 a.m. No fees at all.

- Video Presentation: ”Living Natural Happy Life– (15-20 minutes)

- Seminar: “Sustainable Farm Communities and Spiritual Culture
Speaker: Mahasringha Prabhu

The seminer will start with bhajan musical piece followed by meditation. In multimedia presentation form, Mahasringha Prabhu will introduce the essence of wisdom of India- Vedik Manuscripts. Along with these manuscripts the exotic Indian culture and philosophy will be explored. Consequently, by giving examples aimed to give benefits for self-sufficient farm communities from the perspective of spiritual dimension, necessary for simple life style, natural and practical suggestions for these communities will be delivered.

Workshop: “Dynamic Yoga and Breath Meditation” (1½ hour)
Trainer: Nazan Kilinc

Yoga Teacher Ms. Nazan Kilic will teach effective techniques for increasing power and balance in more active manner so that the participants will achieve more inner peace and silence.

Workshop: “Maha Mantra Meditation with Music (Kirtan)”

By listening to Bhajan music and letting ourselves be captivated by music and dance, the aim is to get rid of our superficial-self.

With the Indian Culture Center performers, Mahasringa Prabhu of India and Kola Prabhu of Indian Culture Center of England are calling you for ‘Exploring the Self‘ that, as a result of practicing sacred Yoga tradition, in return, will cause the silence in the intellect and brain.


Includes open buffet breakfast & dinner

Tents or bungalows 30 TL. (from May 1 st May 31st ,2009)
Tents 35 TL. (from June 1 st Spt. 30th )
Bungalows 45 TL. (from June 1 st Spt.30th )

photo 2009

Yoga Classes and Bharatanataym Dance Workshop with Lucia

Lucia Latypova has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years, starting with Sivananda style, then moving to Ashtanga Vinyasa and later Iyengar yoga. A native from St. Petersburg, Russia, she has found her second home in Budapest, Hungary, where she’s been offering yoga classes to local and expat community for many years. Her teaching is focused on proper pose alignment and graceful flow. As a long-time Vipassana meditator, Lucia incorporates the knowledge and experience of this meditation into her own Yoga practice and shares with others how to "breath and sweat" through their own blocks and difficulties.
Apart from yoga Lucia is a full-time mother and wife, studies Turkish language and Indian classical dance-Bharatanatyam among other things.
In the Valley, Lucia will be offering daily yoga classes that would suit and challenge every level of experience and fitness.
Aside from yoga classes, Lucia will be offering a week-long workshop on Bharatanataym-a dance technique evolved in the South of India in Tamil Nadu and practiced in the temples of Shiva. The chief exponents of this dance were the Devadasis or temple dancers. They would perform the dance daily at the time of worship or on festive occasions. Today Bharatanatyam is the manifestation of the ancient idea of the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the material body.
Over a week we will learn a few key steps of this dance and a short dance devoted to Ganesh-an elephant God of beginning and the remover of obstacles.

Service Boat

Service Boat Timetable After 15th of May

from B.V. to Ölüdeniz







From Ölüdeniz to B.V.







*Valid only 1.June till 7.September and holidays.

Camping in Turkey

Jonathan Knight, author of Cool Camping

An ancient, paint-flaking fishing boat dropped us in the shallows at Butterfly Valley, near Fethiye, and we waded ashore to an incredible scene - a beautiful golden beach flanked by soaring cliffs, inaccessible by road and free of any sign of development. We found the "check in" shack and opted to camp out on the communal, grass-roofed platform rather than the wooden bungalows. Life was simple, but couldn't be bettered - daytime activities were swimming, volleyball; nights were for sharing delicious home-cooked Turkish food and watching the phosphorescence dancing in the waves.

• Camping £4-14pp including breakfast and communal dinner. Open March-October, no reservations, just turn up. 0090 555 632 0237,

Butterfly Valley Library

Established in 2008 through various donations, our library was in service throughout the summer. Including many books in subjects such as poetry, essays, novels, philosopy, history, etc. Our library has become a meeting point for the people who wished to indulge in reading in the calm and serene athmosphere of the stone house. We still hope to enrich our selections with your donations. You are more than welcome to share your materials, i.e, books, magazines, cds and compliment our library. Feel free to contact us through our webadress or the phone number listed in 'contact us' link.

Winter 2008


Breakfast and dinner service will be going on during the winter season.

Accomodation included breakfast and dinner price per one person per night
22 YTL.
If you stay more than 2 nights or you are a group you will have %10 discount.

No daily boat services like summer season.Please call for the private boat.We will pick you up from Ölüdeniz.

Price up to 4 people 30 YTl.
+ 10 YTL. per person

Contact number : 0 555 693 63 48