All day long program starts at 10 a.m. No fees at all.

- Video Presentation: ”Living Natural Happy Life– (15-20 minutes)

- Seminar: “Sustainable Farm Communities and Spiritual Culture
Speaker: Mahasringha Prabhu

The seminer will start with bhajan musical piece followed by meditation. In multimedia presentation form, Mahasringha Prabhu will introduce the essence of wisdom of India- Vedik Manuscripts. Along with these manuscripts the exotic Indian culture and philosophy will be explored. Consequently, by giving examples aimed to give benefits for self-sufficient farm communities from the perspective of spiritual dimension, necessary for simple life style, natural and practical suggestions for these communities will be delivered.

Workshop: “Dynamic Yoga and Breath Meditation” (1½ hour)
Trainer: Nazan Kilinc

Yoga Teacher Ms. Nazan Kilic will teach effective techniques for increasing power and balance in more active manner so that the participants will achieve more inner peace and silence.

Workshop: “Maha Mantra Meditation with Music (Kirtan)”

By listening to Bhajan music and letting ourselves be captivated by music and dance, the aim is to get rid of our superficial-self.

With the Indian Culture Center performers, Mahasringa Prabhu of India and Kola Prabhu of Indian Culture Center of England are calling you for ‘Exploring the Self‘ that, as a result of practicing sacred Yoga tradition, in return, will cause the silence in the intellect and brain.


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