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Butterfly Valley is located in one of the most famous place for foreign and domestic tourists near
Fethiye , called Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) .
By boat ride, Valley is 20 minutes away from Ölüdeniz.

How to get to Fethiye?
By Air: The nearest airport is in Dalaman , 50 kilometers away from Fethiye. There are domestic and international flights from cities in Turkey and Europe, year long. There are shuttles and buses from Dalaman to Fethiye Centrum. Antalya the most famous touristic city with International Antalya Airport is 199 kilometers from Fethiye. There are buses going both ways, almost in every hour. Once you arrive in Fethiye Bus Terminal, you can take shuttles, buses or taxi cabs to Ölüdeniz. Butterfly Valley Service Boat awaits you at the marvelous beach! Boat makes 3 round-trips daily. If you miss the boat, there is a speed-boat which can pick you up; but it has to be arranged and there is an extra fee!

By Bus: There are buses to Fethiye and Muğla, from almost every city in Turkey. Once you arrive in Fethiye Bus Terminal, repeat the step stated above.

By Train:
The final destination of a cool train trip through Anatolia is Denizli , which is 217 kilometers from Fethiye. The bus terminal is near the train station and there are hourly buses to Fethiye. The mountain road is very refreshing, with breath-taking views.

Butterfly Valley Service Boat Hours

From Ölüdeniz to Butterfly Valley







From Butterfly Valley to Ölüdeniz







*Valid only 1.June till 7.September and holidays.

Service and speed-boat fee is not included in the price.
Round-trip service boat fee is 15 liras per person.

Trekking :

There is another pathway that requires a climb-down from Faralya Village. It is on the 500 meters high, steep and rocky Valley wall. This path is high, narrow and dangerous, with rope climbing tracks, especially during rain season and nights.

Contact Info

e-mail :
+90 252 - 614 26 19

Butterfly Valley Office:

+90 555 - 632 02 37 /+90 539 458 7321

Other Contact Numbers:

+90 532 300 11 21


Fethiye said...

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ZAKU said...

I saw the schedule above is only till September. Is there any boat going to Butterfly Valley in October?

Fethiye said...

Fethiye and Oludeniz very good place.

Anonymous said...

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Hi, what is the current cost of the taxi? Is it still 15lr return? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi where can we find the taxi. Is there a set location for it?

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Good job