Butterfly Valley

The Butterfly Valley is one of the most unique and extraordinary destinations in the Mediterranean Region, where countless natural wonders are hidden...

In Fethiye, Öludeniz Region; lying in the foothills of Baba Mountain -nominated to be preserved as world heritage because of the endemic species it shelters-; The Butterfly Valley attracts and amazes the travellers, artists and nature lovers from all over the world, with its genuine geographical structure, fauna, flora, natural treasures, and organic farming. Valley can only be reached by sea and construction within the Valley is prohibited by law. This renders the preservation of the virgin territory possible, to an extent. Butterfly Valley draws the attention of not only domestic and international tourists, but also the national and international environmental and ecological organizations and scientists.

Thousands of butterflies are the residents and the waterfall flowing down the Baba Mountain is the source of this precious habitat. The beach is considered as one of the best bays in Mediterranean Region with its sand and turquoise sea.

If what you are looking for is beyond an ordinary vacation; if you wish to be in harmony with the nature, to rest and revive your body and spirit, the Valley offers her guests a healthy, peaceful, harmonious place to stay, and mental and physical activities, seminars, lessons, workshops and ecological nutrition. Butterfly Valley calls you for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Please take a look at the photos and the testimonials by the visitors!

A getaway' is least likely to describe the Butterfly Valley.

The rough sea, which sometimes makes it impossible to reach the valley and the high cliffs isolate it from the rest of the world, The Butterfly Valley is the meeting point for artists, travellers and nature lovers from all over the world.

As you walk into the Valley, you get away from the sounds of waves and start hearing the waterfall flowing down. The creek wants to reach the sea; but usually disappears into the earth... You are now in the canyon of butterflies, surrounded by high cliffs and you cannot see the peaks without forcing your neck.

But the Valley offers more than its authentic geographical structure.

For the guests, this is the place for vacation, recreation, relaxation or simply a break from the city life.

The amazing and provocative beauty of the Valley, has inspired a project to Valley lovers, which it has been waiting for.

The purposes and summary of this project are stated below:

-The authentic structure of the Valley can serve as a lab and a research area, especially for botanists and entomologists. It has a lot to teach us.

-This modern world that humanity has established with intellect and skills, has developed against nature. Modern people have been estranged; have forgotten the roots buried deep in nature; have feared it and struggled with it and finally have been maladjusted. We want to get together to discuss and find ways to live in harmony with this organism, which created us; we want to figure out some ways and practice these to reconnect with the nature and thus ourselves. This is our purpose.

One will regain the health and peace in body-mind and soul. One will feel the moment and its existence. One will overcome its fears and anxieties. One will know one's self. We will be practicing the ancient teachings, such as shamanism, zen and soufism and try to apply these through art, philosophy, healing and self developement.

Some call it "Butterfly School Project". Cocoons will break and butterflies will fly. The metamorphosis of the butterfly is an inspiration for transpersonal development and transcendence.

If you want to experience this transformation, let's meet here, in the Butterfly Valley.

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