Waterfall: If you take the track, which divides the Valley into two, you will reach the Waterfall, sheltering 35 different types of butterflies. Surrounded by greenery, you will experience walls getting closer and closer as you proceed and sunlight slowly fading. There is the waterfall where two valley walls meet and create incredible stone structures. As you take each step, the flowing sound of the waterfall becomes stronger and amazes you. Talking loudly and making high level of noise can harm the butterflies. it is fatal to climb up the waterfall without a guide.

Stone House: Stone House, located on waterfall and village track, is one of the two stone structures in the valley and is like an oasis for guests. Since various lessons and seminars are held in the house, it is considered as the center of the Butterfly School. During the day, you can relax under the trees and taste home-made cooking and watch the breathtaking sunset. At nights you can see the selected movies on the big curtain or you can have a fun time at parties around the bonfire.

Rock Bar: This bar is like no other bar you have ever seen! Rock Bar, located on the left terrace of the beach, can be reached by taking the stairs carved in rocks. Nights are full of fun and romance under the stars and moonlight. Performers and musicians from all over the world, perform by the bonfire. Get ready for a new surprise each and every night at the Rock Bar! (opens in June)

Fisherman's Shelter: This restaurant located at the end of the beach, serves sea-food caught, prepared and cooked by local fishermen. Besides sea food, alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages are served all day long. Open after May, the Fisherman's Shelter will provide water for yachts.

Diving School: The Diving School has been an awesome opportunity for diving enthusiasts, for almost ten years. You can be trained, make discovery or open-water dives and see the stone structures and Mediterranean underwater life.Open after June, we expect all underwater lovers to Butterfly Valley!

Restaurant/ Cafe: Restaurant is where breakfast and dinner is served and a snack bar has been added to cafe this year. It is going to be one of the places where you will be spending most of your time. There are meals and drinks for every taste and you can spend a peaceful time under the shadow, sleep on the hammocks or rest in gazebos. In the evenings, you can have fun and listen to music with the other guests. Open after 20th of April.

Juice Stand/ Mini-market: Serves the refreshing juices made of ecological and fresh fruits. There is also a mini-market for your daily needs.

For Daily visitors and Yachts: Daily visitors and yachts can also use the facilities in the Valley. Waterfall entrance has a fee for daily visitors. Please be careful and follow the rules concerning the cleanness of the Valley, beach and the sea.

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