We are each of us butterflies with only one wing… and can fly only by embracing each other.

One truly amazing place… 2 days turned into 9 weeks and I will definitely be returning again and again.

Brothers and sisters, thank you all so much for the amazing memories and sharing your energy. You will all be in my heart and I will take away a chunk of butterfly love with me.

Rockon at the rock bar you crazy butterflies.


Daisy xxx

We came for one day but it is not the last. Your place is so awesome! We are definitely coming back.

You are all the luckiest people on the earth. J

Sarah& Mike

Hey Güntekin,
If you are reading this then your mission was successful.
I had planned to make a treasure map but I couldn't be bothered, it is difficult to do much here as you know.
See you back in London.
Michael 16.07.06
What is this "valley"?
The valley is a place
The valley is a state of mind.
My first time in Butterfly Valley, and surely not the last time I'll visit this place of magic.
When your life has become a HELL by cause of the pollution, war and bad people, Butterfly Valley gives you the opportunity to be reborn in a new world full of nature, peace, relaxation and nice people.
The Valley really comes alive after the tourists have left. And after the beautiful sunset, thousands of bright-shining stars start to settle in the clear sky above the wonderful valley. The people start getting in the mood and after the first loud dance tune is played at the ROCK BAR, everyone moves to there to have a sparkling night full of dancing, laughing and delicious cocktails.
Leaving the valley will be a hard thing to do. But after nearly 2 weeks my time has come to take the plane back to Belgium.
I really loved to be here and I'll miss the valley, but coming back next year is the number 1 on my "to do" list !
Michael (Antwerp,Belgium)
3 August 2006

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Anonymous said...

Listen to mind, soul? I just hear electro-music at last volume,not even the sound of sea waves.